Leviton 8" In-Ceiling Speaker

JBL systems measure up to a higher standard than ’home“ theater, because more JBL speakers are found in film recording studios and behind the screens of the world•s best movie theaters than any other brand. In the Leviton Architectural Edition powered by JBL program, the same professional features and technologies that set JBL apart from the rest in professional applications are now available for installation into advanced home theater systems‘including leading-edge driver materials for clarity and definition, advanced crossover networks for signal purity, and ’overbuilt“ magnetic structures for maximum output and long-term reliability.

Key Specifications:
  • Even the acoustically transparent grilles concealing this speaker technology are inspired by JBL•s years of professional experience in behind-the-screen theater sound systems.
  • When room aesthetics are critical, the Leviton/JBL AEC65 and AEC80 Ceiling Speakers may be used in surround-sound installations. The JBL low-diffraction swivel tweeter makes it easy for the installer to optimize the sound field for a particular listening room•s geometry.
  • Leviton Architectural Edition powered by JBL speaker systems are sure to bring the home theater experience to a whole new level.
General Specifications:
  • JBL Titanium-laminate drivers for maintaining musical accuracy and clarity even at frequency extremes
  • Straight-line Signal Pathª (SSPª) crossover network for minimal signal distortion
  • Long-excursion woofers with butyl-rubber half-round surrounds and extended pole-piece magnetic structures for maximum bass impact and dynamic range
  • Low-diffraction, swivel-tweeter mounting system for optimum stereo imaging
  • Heavy-duty push-type input terminals for long-term connection integrity
  • Integrated dog-ear mounting brackets (optional rough-in kits available for pre-construction installation in new homes)
  • Acoustically-transparent paintable baffles and grilles
  • Sold as pair