Armaggeddon Alien III G5 Metal LED Light Effects/7 Button Las

Brand: Armaggeddon






7 Programmable button gaming class optical mouse
On-the-fly adjustable CPI button: 500/1000/1500/2000cpi
Optical sensor: A3050
Acceleration: 20G
High performance tacking speed: up to160 inches per second
Macro-able™ Gaming Mouse with 64KB On-board Memory
LED light effects with color option
Ultra durable 1.8m nylon cord
High quality Teflon foot pad
Mouse size: 126(L) X 88(W) X 41.8(H)mm
Multi-languages specifications:
Resolution range: 500 ~ 2000cpi
7-button laser mouse
On-board memory: 64KB
Cord length: 1.8m
Mouse size: Medium
126(L) X 71.7(W) X 41.6(H)mm