Armaggeddon AlienCraft G17IV Macro Able/LED Effects

Brand: Armaggeddon




Macro-able laser class gaming mouse with 512KB on-board memory

8-level CPI adjustment on-the-fly

[default: 800/1600/2000/3200/5000/6000/8200CPI]

3-level polling rate adjustable on-the-fly [125Hz/500Hz/1000Hz]

CPI light effects and up to 4 colour indicate CPI level

Adjustable mouse light effects

Total 11-buttons with 2-way click scroll with Pro-Gaming Laser Sensor [save up to 9 macros in 5 available profile]

Assign button of choice for switching between 5 different profiles

CPI switching with wheel scroll for both increasing and decreasing CPI on-the-fly

High performance tracking speed: up to 150 inches per second

8-level adjustment weight management system

Advance AVAGO laser sensor: AVAGO 9800

Ultra durable 1.8m nylon cord

High quality and large Teflon foot pad

Frame rate: 12,000fps

Aceleration: 30G